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Durga Namaskara




This is a unique Durga Pooja, different from the routine Durga Pooja everyone knows. Here, a lamp signifies the goddess Durga. Lamp is lit and Pooja is performed for the Lamp in an elaborated manner. Upon completion of the pooja rituals, Aarati is offered to Goddess Durga and 108 Pradakshina namaskaras are performed around the Goddess in the form of Deepa (hugh lamp). This pooja is beneficial for those who seek blessings of Goddess Durga to ward off their bad luck or misfortune. 


It is also beneficial for those who are very much prone to attract negative energy, inimical forces, prone to accidents and particularly those who are under the influence of Rahu in their horoscopes either through placement of Rahu or through Rahu Dasha. 


Those who wish to avoid problems of any kind and particularly if you are anticipating any problem coming your way, you may do this to completely prevent the problems. Durga is Durgati Nashini. 


Please note : Rs. 5500 includes only purohit dakshina for 2 purohits. Pooja samagri will have to be borne by the karta / yajamana. The yajamana will have to be prepare payasa for naivedya, get 5 varieties of  fruits, haldi, kumkuma, betel leaves, small dakshina, red flowers (bidi hoovu known as loose flowers) oil for lamps and one big lamp, blouse piece/ saree, glass bangles for Devi, dhoopa, mangalarathi will have to be arranged by yajamana. 


Good days to perform : Any Friday, Sunday, Full moon day - Poornima day are considered auspicious. 


* The rate for this Pooja has been revised and updated on May 15th 2017 to Rs. 5500. 







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