Kubera Mantra | Lakshmi Kubera Mantra Jaap


Kubera Mantra

Earn the grace of Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth and Kubera - the Lord as well as custodian of luxury and riches with this Puja. It is a 11 days Lakshmi Kubera mantra japa pooja performed by vedic priests who perform austerity. This Puja paves way for you to earn riches through satvik and dharmic (noble and righteous) means. Starting from the sampath tara day, the jaap-paath will begin and it goes on everyday for 11 days. Total of 11,000 jaaps will be performed in your name and star.

Scriptural Reference : The lakshmi Kubera mantra japa pooja Paath will be performed as per the scripture - Devi Purana.

What we require for the sankalp : We appreciate if you give us specific wish or desire that you want fulfilled along with your full name, nakshatra and rashi. It could be earning 'X' amount of money in a year or meeting a sales target or it could just be able to buy jewelry. However, one word of caution is that you should have realistic target and also work towards the same. You will get good openings which you can rightly encash upon.

Who should get this pooja done?

If you are a Businessman who obviously wants a regular inflow of customers everyday. If you are currently going through anxiety of experiencing highs and lows in business. Be assured you anxiety will be completely eliminated and there will always be a constant and consistent increase in the business turnover and profits.

If you are a salaried employee, this Pooja will boost your career by enabling timely increments that are rewarding and that you are due to receive. All hard work will be recognized and you will be paid for or adequately rewarded.

To release stuck up finances, this pooja is beneficial if it is clubbed with Karthaveeryarjuna japa pooja. Click here to read about Karthaveeryarjuna pooja. Through this you can recover money that you are due to receive.

If you are running an educational institution like schools, colleges, tutions and coaching classes, music classes, dance classes or workshops, this pooja will help you in terms of increase in the enrollment of students.

If you want to earn an additional source of income through multi-level marketing opportunities (MLM)

If you have started or are starting a new venture and you want to seek the grace of Goddess Lakshmi.

What will you receive as Prasadam?

You will receive Haldi, Kumkum, theertha and Sugar candy along with the sankalpam as prasadam. You will also be given a coin which you are required to preserve in your cash box as it is auspicious and will facilitate inflow of money and control expenditure. Before partaking the prasadam you will have to read the sankalpam and then partake the same.

From the Editor's Desk

Preventive or Curative

People often ask us to give them a permanent solution for financial problems.

They express, I am fed up of financial crises. Each time, I end up doing one puja or the other for releasing my financial blockages and to invite prosperity. Is there a permanent solution to this scenario of my life ? Can I just sit and enjoy wealth some day in life ?

Some say, "just a few days ago I got a Puja done for Kubera and Mahalakshmi, why do I need to do once again? why do I need to worship God so much, so often, etc".

We always tell them, "You want to see results, you better do it."

Actually, our scriptures are so powerful and poorna - complete that they have taken care of every aspect of our life.

They clearly state Poojas and Pariharas (spiritual solutions to worldly problems) that one should perform to steer clear of problems from time to time.

Often, people also complain that "I am able to earn well but at the same time, I am not able to retain any money at the end of the day. I end up spending everything that I earn and on some cases, my spendings are more than my earnings".

Our recommendation to such people is - to conduct poojas and pariharas from time to time.

Just like we eat food 3 times a day, we also need to pray and be devoted to God. Unfortunately, we don't take this into account and only account for the number of times we spend on Pujas and Pariharas. We must understand that we perform so many actions everyday and we would have performed such actions for many lifetimes. Amongst these actions we may have performed several adharmic actions and the fruits of the same crop up every now and then creating problems for us and we feel - oh God, everything was ok in life, suddenly what happened to my life, how is it that this problem has cropped up ? how do I tackle this situation. Preventive doses of grace through poojas are better than curative as we need not endure such problems at all.

Always observe festivals with niyama and nishta and invoke those forms of God from time to time for nourishment of your soul, body , material and spiritual well being. Peace be to all.

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