As you are aware the nine planets define our life patterns. They reflect our past, present and future. At th esame time the Divine Mother Adi Para Shakti is the supreme mother under who's direction and will the entire creation moves. Therefore Manthra associates believes in invoking the grace of the divine mother on your birthday followed by propitiating the planets and invoking their blessings. This is truly a  divine way of celebrating your birthday. 

Manthra associates offers services of Navagraha Nama Archana where in your name and star, we will book archana puja for all the 9 planets in their respective parihara temples in Tamil Nadu. 

We will also send you the Kumkum and Vibhuti Prasad of the planetary deity after the prayers are being performed for your well- being  on your birthday itself. 

We will make the resolution and prayer that the planets always remain benefic and not malefic towards you so that you only grow, expand and remain blissful  in life always. 


Have a well-balanced life. Propitiate the 9 planets to avoid untoward incidences. 

Prevention in better than cure. Strengthen all departments of your life. Perform Abhisheka Puja to all the 9 planets.  Book now. Rs. 14,500 only. 


Chandra japa of 40,000 times will be performed along with dashamsha gayatri mantra. This will be followed by Chandra abhisheka as chandra controls the mind and when he is propitiated in the right manner, definitely you will be out of depression. 



Are you tired of going to different clinics and parlours for hair treatments ? Scanty hair or bald head doesnt look attractive and often makes your confidence level go down. We at Satsangh Remedies Division offer special Pujas and Spiritual remedies that can help your hair grow naturally without taking any medicines or applying anything to your hair. 

Dont run from pillar to post undergoing  treatments for months and years. Ours is a one time effort. Just book your puja with us now and be blessed with healthy hair growth ! 


Severe Hypertension cannot be ignored at any point of time, hence this Puja is to offer quick relief for the same. This Puja is a one time Puja to bring down the Blood pressure levels to normal, here our learned vedic consultants will perform Japa in your name and star to the navagrahas that directly control and impact your blood Pressure levels. 


One time  Puja japa  - 6000, 7000 and 19000 japas will be performed respectively for Ravi, Kuja and Shani planets. 


Are you planning to grow your hair long and lusturous ? Are you tired of spending on beauty parlours to enhance your beauty and looks ? Are you planning to grow long and beautiful hair for your wedding? Are you a performing artist where your looks do matter to you ?

End all your worries. Book this special puja to enhance your beauty through long, beautiful and lusturous hair. We only perform satvik prayers for achieving desired results.  You may be given chemical free oil and shampoo for application depending on case- to case basis. 


Different forms of divinity and planetary positions control and impact specific organs in the body. The planets Kuja, Ravi and Shani control our Blood pressure. Mantra Associates will perform pujas in your name, star and gotra to bring down the malefic effects of these planetary positions. These pujas performed in a specific vedic tradition cure blood pressure/ hypertension and reduce anxiety, anger and bring peace, calmness and mental relaxation. These pujas to cure Blood pressure yield assured results as they are performed in ancient Navagraha temples by learned priests with definite authority with specific sankalpa. This Puja will be performed in the respective navagraha temples on the day of your star every month for a period of one year (12 months). 

This Puja is ideal for those who are borderline BP cases as well as those want to avoid severe fluctuations in their BP readings. 


Perfect remedy for those suffering from depression, low confidence, ill mental health, lack of stability of the mind, madness, etc 

 In this Puja, our vedic consultants will perform austerity such as japa- 1,25,000 times of the maha mrityunjay mantra. This is said to cure all illness related to the mind. The time duration for this Puja to be complete is 5 days and 5 priests will be engaged in executing this.The Puja will conclude with a maha mrityunjaya yagna after completion of japas along with the jayadi homa.


This has proved extremely successful amongst all those who have got this done and they have seen results within a short duration of time. 


“Panch” means 5 and “Amrutha” means nectar in Sanskrit. Panchamrutha Abhishekha is a Hindu ritual performed at all homes and temples, where the idols are bathed with Milk, Curds, Honey, Sugar and Ghee/Clarified Butter with the chanting of mantras.After every ingredient “Shudhodaka snana” i.e, pure water is poured on the idols.After the abhishekha the idols are cleaned and beautifully decorated. This will clear all obstacles from whatever previous faith you have practised. It cleanses the negative vibrations and prevents it from clashes. Its best to do it on a Sankastha hara chaturthi day. 






Can’t find your life partner because your elders say you are a mangilk? Set yourself free from this dosh. Book this Pooja to manifest your soul mate. You deserve a happy married life. So what, if your mangal is positioned in the ascendant house, 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house, 8th house and 11th house ? 



‘Once a mangilk, always a manglik’ is not true anymore.

You are just a step away from meeting your soul-mate. 


Our vedic priests know the best ways of appease Mangal. Just wait till our priests perform the poojas (japan and abhisheka) in your name and star: 


1) Jaap of 7000 numbers of mangal’s Vedic mantra with the sankalpa of manglik dosha nivaran in your name and star. 

2) Abhisheka and shodhashopachara puja at the mangal temple in Tamil Nadu. 


Once procedures 1 and 2 are done, you will receive Kumkum, Vibhuti and Red Raksha thread as prasada at your doorstep.  Girls or ladies have to tie it in their left hand and men have to tie the thread in their right hand. 


With God’s grace, the next knock at your doorstep will be your soul-mate. 




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