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Can you marry someone of your nakshatra

People often pose a question to us if they can marry someone from same nakshatra and rashi. This is what our astro experts have to say - 

Following nakshatras can marry each other as per Parashara :

Boy- Girl or vice-versa

Maha - Makha

Moola - Moola

Uttarashada- uttarashada

Uttarabhadra- Uttarabhadra

Revathy- Revathy

Uttara- uttara

Shravana - Shravana

Shatabhisha - Shatabhisha

However, Its good to avoid marrying the same nakshatra and rashi. The reasons being,

1) Whenever the planetary transits occur, the balance in family life is disturbed. If they are of different nakshatra and rashi then even if one of the couple is going through bad phase, the other’s good luck might be supportive and vice-versa. Else, both husband and wife will go through either good period or bad period. There is no balancing that happens. Although other planetary positions as per horoscope needs to be considered, this is one of the main causes why you should avoid.

2) The nature and characteristics of the couple will be the same. If both are of soft nature its fine, else, if both are headstrong or of rude nature, then it will be a maha bharat in the house and total lack of peace.

3) After a point of time, the couple may get bored with each other.

Incase the couple of same nakshatras have married they have to perform nakshatra homa, nakshatra adhipathi japa and rudrabhisheka on the nakshtra day.

Even if any 2 family members of same nakshatra live in the house together they too require these remedies.

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