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Rahu Japa


25 reasons why you should book this japa.

If you are-

  1. Suffering from Severe Shatru Badha/ ward off enmity
  2. Desperate to settle abroad
  3. Going through a turbulent marriage (Rahu's influence on 7th house or 7th house lord).
  4. Want to have a successful career in politics?
  5. If your chart indicates that your Rahu or Ketu are conjoined or aspected by benefic planets or other natural cruel or enemy planets
  6. Kala Sarpa dosha
  7. Naga Dosha
  8. To excel in your professional life, boost your career, boost your business, to get favorable results, recognition, travel abroad, transfers
  9. For idealism, enlightenment, religion, secret affairs, metaphysics
  10. For pursuing careers related researchers, engineers, physicians, medicine/drugs, speculators, aviation, electricity, waste, computers, internet and mass media
  11. For unexpected problems or sudden increase in problems
  12. For increase in health problems
  13. For imagination creating mental disturbances
  14. To control harsh speech
  15. Correct illogical thinking
  16. To curb black magic influences and protect yourself from black magic spells
  17. Ward off laziness and procrastination
  18. To speed up the work process
  19. At the time of Rahu transit
  20. To be blessed with good fortune
  21. To increase your logic, reasoning and analyzing capabilities
  22. Avoid unnatural death, accidents
  23. If you dream of snakes or serpents or if you see them often in your vicinity
  24. Reduce malefic effects of the Rahu - maha dasha or antar dasha
  25. Before you wear a hessonite or cats eye ring pendant be it for an astrological remedy or otherwise

What will you receive as prasadam : Theertha and mantra akshata.

PS : You don't necessarily have to be facing a problem or you need not be suffering from a dosha to get this japa done. If you seek the grace of planet Rahu and ketu, to avoid problems you should get it done. This Pooja belongs to the basic level category. Normally the effect of this pooja remains for a period of atleast 3 years.

About Rahu or Dragon's head and Ketu - Dragon tail :

Rahu gives Yogkaraka or favorable result if placed in Cancer Karkataka Rashi. Being a Chhaya Grah it gives results based on the planetary influences. It is generally observed that with a benefic or in benefic influence it gives very good result. It is generally considered as a good planet for worldly comforts.

Rahu is friendly to Guru, Shukra and Shani. It considers Surya and Chandra as its enemy and towards Budha it is Neutral. Ketu is more towards spiritual side and is the Karkataka for final emancipation whereas Rahu is more towards worldly pleasures. Again it has to be said that being a Chhaya Graha gives results according to associations. Ketu is friendly to Mangal, Shukra and Shani. It considers Surya and Chandra as his enemies and towards Budha and Guru it is Neutral.

What we can do for you : Our Vedic priests will perform Rahu Vedic mantra japa of 18,000 numbers followed by dashamsha gayatri in your name and star.

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