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Sheegra Vivaha Pooja - Remedy for delay in marriage



Worrying about the delay in marriage, when you have already come of age?

Put an end to your worries with ‘Sheeghra Vivaaha Pooja’!

 is a variant of Sheegra Vivaha Pooja.  Depending upon the horoscope of the individual the pooja will be decided by the astrologer. This pooja is a special prayer made on your behalf to tap the power of Divine Forces responsible for getting you the right life partner at the right time. This worship will be performed exclusively for you, in your name, by identifying the ‘doshas’ or deficiencies in your horoscope, and by propitiating those specific planets which are blocking you find the right life partner.

Austerities like Japa will be undertaken by dedicated priests on your behalf for 48 DAYS AT A STRETCH!

For brides desirous of finding the right partner, mantras from the Srimad Bhagavatam will be chanted.

For grooms powerful hymns from the Durga Saptashati will be chanted.

These remedies for ‘Sheeghra Vivaaha’ or ‘Early Marriage’ are prescribed in our scriptures and are guaranteed to yield results WITHIN 90 DAYS of  starting the pooja. 

All you need to share with us are:

Your full name, your Father’s full name , your Date, Time and Place of Birth, Birth Star (optional)
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