I. Charges mentioned for each spiritual service:

The charges or price mentioned under all items featured and listed on the site www.poojas.in includes cost of the pooja, pooja samagri (materials required for the poojas), effort, expertise, time, agency service charges, delivery charges, conveyance and transport charges, all applicable taxes and service charges for implementing the spiritual remedy or pooja. You will not be charged additionally beyond the charges mentioned on poojas.in for any particular pooja you book. Only in case of orders from outside India, the delivery charges will vary and will be indicated to you. 

We absolutely operate as a representative of the devotee or subscriber to get all spiritual remedies performed on behalf of the devotee and deliver the prasadam upon receipt of the same from the temples and priests. We only arrange for conducting the poojas and spiritual remedies and deliver the prasadam to the postal address shared by the devotee or subscriber of the website. We do not officially or unofficially represent any temple as well as an individual in anyway.

We DO NOT accept donations on behalf of any temple or spiritual organization. We hold the rights to revise the charges mentioned on our website as and when required, at our discretion. We do not sell prasadams from any spiritual or religious organizations or places of worship. We only offer services to implement and deliver on behalf of devotee or subscriber after the request is made by the devotee or subscriber of the website.

II. Usage of website material:

All content on the website is owned by us. Reproduction in any form of the website content is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal proceedings. Information on products as well as services are provided in the best interest of the subscriber, devotee, customer and viewer. You are solely responsible to ensure the effectiveness of the services and quality of the products, advise and suggestions provided on this website. You will not use any of the products, services and content on our website to threaten, harass anyone or for any other illegal purposes. 

III. Privacy Policy:

We respect and value your privacy. We collect information from you when you register on our site or place an order for any pooja. 

Whenever you place an order or register on our site, as appropriate, you may be asked to enter your full name,  Date of birth,
 E­mail address, Postal address including PIN code and nearest landmark
, Contact number. At the time of booking a pooja or consultation service we will also require your time and place of birth along with the Gotra or clan you belong to. This is only to effectively facilitate the poojas. We DO NOT sell your personal information to anybody. We use it only to process your request of implementing the consultation or spiritual remedies. We may however at our own discretion give out your information to legal bodies for the enforcement of law as and when required. You are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy of the personal information you share on our website. 

We request for your personal information and use it only as per the following privacy statement. We may make changes to this policy as and when required.  Do keep yourself updated about the same by visiting this page.

IV. Authorization:

By making an online purchase or placing an order for a service or a product with us, you authorize us to visit the temple on your behalf, and render the services to you. In case of consultation, you also authorize us to engage the priests, astrologers and counselors to process your online consultation request.  

V. Cancellation Policy:

Any request for cancellation of the order made by you, will be entertained only within 3 hours of placement of the order.

VI. User Reviews:

You can submit your reviews regarding products and services as long as it is not a derogatory, defamatory, abusive, offensive, and illegal or objectionable comment. We at our own discretion have every right to not publish your comment and even block your access to our website if found inappropriate.

VII. Online Services: 

All services provided by the website are only online and at any point of time, the registered user or devotee cannot directly interact with any spiritual master, astrologer, counselor or priest. All communication between the devotee, user or participants and the service provider will be through an interface appointed by Viin Niim Vaale Media LLP. The horoscope readings and other communication will be through email. Updates on the status of poojas will be provided to you through SMS, WhatsApp and if the situation warrants, through phone calls upon sole discretion of the LLP.  

VIII. Applicable Law:

The above Terms & Conditions, disclaimer and all other policies are governed by and in accordance with the laws of India. The place of jurisdiction is Bangalore.

IX. Your Consent

By using our website www.poojas.in , you consent to our website's privacy policy.

X. Contact:

For any further queries/clarification, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.