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Aditya Hrudaya Homa

A Very powerful havan to invoke the blessings of Lord Surya bhagwan through parayan (paath) of Aditya Hrudaya followed by dashamsha havan. The benfits of this havan are as infinite as the rays of the sun. 

From Astrological point of view :

Surya is the devata head of all 9 planets, his influence on other planets is very important for a human being. This havan  helps  all those who have shathru badha.


Pitru Dosh Nivaran :

Those who have pitru dosh as Surya is Pitru Karak, it is also recommened for those for whom Surya is the 6th house lord or the 8th house lord. 

This homa is an absolute must for Makara  and  meena ascendants.

For Shathru Badha Nivaran: 

It was prescribed during the time of Ramayan by Rishi Agastya to Lord Rama to chant this and be empowered to win over the Asura Ravan, it has proven to be the most powerful way of invoking blessings of Surya Bhagwan for those suffering from Shathru Badha. 

Important Benefits : 

It is also proven to be benficial for those who want to bag government contracts or get any work done through government or government agencies. 

He bestows good health, vitality and intelligence. He eradicates all worries, prevents mishaps, blesses you to earn good name, fame, recognition, long life, absolves all our sins, gives us intuition, knowledge and guides us on how to solve our problems, he gives us glow.

Lord Agastya has declared Surya bhagwan to be Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Kubera, Skanda and Mahendra too. So, propitiating Surya Bhagwan is as good as bestowing all 33,000 cr gods. He is Pratyaksha Devata.  





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Pooja to boost your business

This pooja is an extremely powerful pooja performed every friday exclusively in your name and star in the evenings. The recitation of Lakshmi Ashottara shatanamavali pooja will be performed 100 times. This is an extremely powerful pooja for welath and prosperity prescribed by the great Lord Shiva Himself. He has prescribed this to all those who want to get rid of any kind of karmic negative influences of more than a crore janmas or lifetimes that we have undertaken until now.

It is also declared in the phala shruti that one who gets this done will be blessed with all the riches, prosperity and wealth. If a devotees is blessed enough to do it for 52 weeks he will be equivalent to the great Lord Kubera himself and he will also be bestowed with the siddhis and nidhis or treasures. Since many of the devotees may not be in a position to do this for 52 weeks we are doing 10 % (approx) of the 52 weeks and devotees are surely seeing positive results in matters of finances and monies. 

You can avail special discount if you wish to do it for 52 fridays. Contact +91 9880139091


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Dhanavanthari Homa

Tired of falling sick? 

Propitiate Lord Dhanavanthari - The Avatar - incarnation of Vishnu. 

Get this havan done in your name and star. Offer 108 Ayurvedic herbs as Ahutis or oblations. 

This havan is beneficial for all devotees who have health problems of any kind. This is also beneficial for those who do not want to fall sick in future and just seek the blessings of Lord Dhanavantari. 

Expected Results : After performing this havan, devotees have experienced phenominal results. They have finally got a good doctor who is able to diagnose right solution to their health problem, the medicines prescribed by the doctor has started working in their favour, immunity of the body has improved, peace of mind, good health are the most common results expected from this havan. 



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Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya Parayana homa

Powerful invocation to Lord Lakshmi Narayana Swamy from the Atharvana Rahasya of the sacred vedic text - Atharvana Veda. Here, The great Lord Sriman Narayana  is invoked first through stotra paath of Narayana Hrudaya, then Goddess Lakshmi is invoked through Lakshmi Hrudaya and then again Narayana Hrudaya is recited. 

The benefits accruing from this paath are innumerable and immense. The great divine couple- Lakshmi Narayana are embodiment of satva. They induce satva in the karta as well as the family members of the karta of this Pooja. 

Recitation of this paath blesses the karta and his family with peace of mind and bliss. 

It showers them with immense prosperity through prosperity in terms of Dhana, Kanaka, Vastu and Vaahan; meaning money, grains, gold, assets and the like. 

It also bestows the karta with tejas - radiance and effulgence. 

It boosts ichcha, jnana and kriya shakti in a person. 

It bestows Yashas and keerthi - earning good name and fame. 

It removes all blocks in the paths of both material and spiritual progress. 

It empowers the karta with strength and vitality. 

It graces the devotee or karta with an experience of bliss. 

Chanting of this holy paath will be followed by havan offered to Sriman Lakshmi Narayana with special ahutis or sacred offerings. 

Prasadam will be sent to you by courier and video recording of the havan with specific sankalpa in your name and star will be sent to you by WhatsApp the day after the havan. 




Ranjini Srikanth, USA

"The service is so efficient. The mantra chanting is also very empowering and soothing. The pronunciation is excellent. It is thrilling to get video of the havan and paath being performed in my name while I'm in the US. India has always been a yoga bhoomi. Getting poojas done is far more effective than getting it done here. I am able to see a great change in the atmosphere at my home. There is love back in my family, money is flowing in too. Thanks to Lakshmi Narayana for blessings and for making it happen. "- Ranjini Srikanth



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Shani Jayanthi Pooja

Shani Jayanthi this year falls on June 5th 2016. Shani Jayanthi  is marked as birth anniversary of Lord Shani. Shani Jayanti is also known as Shani Amavasya.

It is auspicious and favourable to appease the Lord of Justice - Shani dev on this day - no matter which rashi you belong to. Lord Shani Dev gets pleased with til oil abhisheka, hence we are organising til oil abhisheka to Shani Dev on 5th June at Shani Temple. 
The cost for enrolling for the same is Rs. 1300 per person. If you wish to enrol, do confirm with payment on or by - June 3rdFriday
FYI ...Shani Jayanti is observed on Amavasya Tithi during Jyeshtha month according to North Indian Purnimant calendar. According to South Indian Amavasyant calendar Shani Jayanti falls on Amavasya Tithi during Vaishakha month. It is name of Lunar month which differs and in both type of calendars Shani Jayanti falls on the same day.


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Tap the power of the Goddess Maha Lakshmi.


To book, Call or WhatsApp +91 9880139091.  




  • Lakshmi gives us Gold, Silver, Diamonds, own house, vehicles and all riches. Lakshmi blesses us with Dhana, Dhaanya - Wealth and grains. 
  • Lakshmi ensures peace and harmony. 
  • Lakshmi gifts us income and opportunities from unexpected quarters. 
  • Lakshmi bestows sudden monetary gains. 
  • Lakshmi 's grace gives luxury. 
  • Lakshmi triples your income. 
  • Pooja Date : April 28th 2017 
  • Starting time of Pooja : 10:30 AM starting time 
  • Duration : 5 hours 
  • Anushtana : Lakshmi Ashtottara Shatanama Paatha - 100 times (Ganesha Pooja and Kalasha Sthapana followed by the 100 chants of 108 names of the Goddess Maha Lakshmi). 
  • Prasadam: Lakshmi Maha Prasadam wil be sent to you by courier.Personal attendance not required. 


  • Scriptural Reference of this Pooja : Shiva Purana - Recommended by Lord Shiva to Parvathi
  • * Last date to book the Pooja is  April 26th, 2017. It is old fashioned to buy a few grams of Gold...Confirm your booking of Akshaya Tritiya Lakshmi Pooja. 


Lakshmi Kubera Pooja for Akshaya Tritiya


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Santana Prapti Pooja

Spiritual Remedy for child birth-  This Pooja is recommended for those aspiring parents who have

-Not been able to conceive due to medical reasons


-Experienced miscarriage/s in the past and do not want to take a chance again. 


-If planets are not conducive for you to have a child, we may recommend additional poojas for the 5th house lord or the lord influencing that. 


-If you have pitru dosha, this Pooja will help you along with additional remedies. 


-If you have already had your first child and are waiting for the second bundle of joy to join the journey of your life. We may advise remedies for 7th house lord or the planet influencing it along with this Pooja.  


-If you are ready for a child and you want to seek divine blessings for the same.


-Did the doctors say, "Both of you husband and wife are normal and can have a child". But, still you are not able to? - OUR POOJA WILL HELP YOU !



What you can expect from :  

Special Pooja will be performed specifically in your names to eliminate the ‘Doshas’ or malefic effects of planets that are creating blocks in conceiving.

The ‘Santaana Gopala Mantra Japa’- a powerful chant prescribed by our scriptures for begetting children, will be done by priests who practice great austerity for 48 DAYS AT A STRETCH. You will see the effect of this pooja also WITHIN 48 DAYS!  


If necessary, the mantra will also be initiated to the couple through audio file. 

Why delay the sweet moment of cradling your new-born in your arms? Your child is waiting for your warm bosom- bring home your bundle of joy with Santaana Praapti Pooja. 


All you need to share with us are:

Full name of the couple, Date, Time and Place of Birth, Birth Star (optional) of both of you, gothra.


Please Call us at  :  +91 9740230579  or +91 9880139091  

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Your child is God's gift to you, but waiting too long for this gift to be yours can be traumatic. Put an end to this agony by performing the ‘Santaana Praapti Pooja’.



Vishweshwara Hegde



This pooja gave my family bundle of joy that was long awaited. My daughter in law was unable to conceive for 8 years and we had gone to all kinds of doctors and pandit ji's also. We performed various pariharas and nothing worked. After we got this done, everything has changed in our life. The couple are now blessed with a baby girl and both mother and daughter are healthy. Everybody is happy in the family and there were no complications also during delivery. thank you for having such poojas they are EFFECTIVE.


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Ganapati Homa



This homa is for you if you -


Are making a new beginning,

Are struggling to grow in your career, 

Are Facing obstacles in buying your own home or getting a new job, 

Are suffering from body pains, 

Are signing a new contract,

Are starting a new journey - abroad or travel to distant places, 

Want to be blessed with good memory power and success in examinations and academics, 

Are taking up a new course in school, college or PG

Want to correct yours or others' negative and crooked thinking patterns, 

Are suffering from curvature of the spine and other spinal disorders and deficiencies, 

Want a quick blessing, 

Want to free yourself from debts, 

Want to ward off troubles,

Want to Increase devotion, 

Want to reduce your ego and progress spiritually, 

Want to perform spiritual Sadhana successfully, 

Want to instill humbleness and humility in you, 

Want to experience love, laughter and happiness in life, 

Want to acquire healing skills and power, 

Want to acquire power to control any situation efficiently, 

Want to enjoy peace of mind, 

Want a positive shift in your life, 

Want to come out depression, 

Want to accomplish tasks swiftly, 

Want your desires to be granted quickly, 

Want your dreams to come true,

Want to be blessed with intelligence and good acumen,

Want to be blessed with good health,

Want to speeded up your work, 

Are starting a new business venture  


This Homa is performed by giving 108 ‘Ahuti’s or offerings into the sacrificial fire with powerful names of Lord Ganesha. Prasad of Kumkum (Vermillion), Haldi (Turmeric), Chandan & Akshatha will be given to the Sevakarta (one who is getting the pooja done along with the black paste known as havan raksha tilak. This havan or homa has immense significance as Lord Ganapati is worshipped first before offering pooja to any other form of Divinity too, so that the worship itself is free of obstacles. 

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Lakshmi Kubera Pooja

Earn the grace of Goddess Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth and Kubera - the Lord as well as custodian of luxury and riches with this Puja. It is a 11 days pooja performed by vedic priests who perform austerity. This Puja paves way for you to earn riches through satvik and dharmic (noble and righteous)  means. Starting from the sampath tara day, the jaap-paath will begin and it goes on everyday for 11 days. Total of 11,000 jaaps will be performed in your name and star. 

Scriptural Reference : The Puja Paath will be performed as per the scripture - Devi Purana. 

What we require for the sankalp :  We appreciate if you give us specific wish or desire that you want fulfilled along with your full name, nakshatra and rashi. It could be earning 'X' amount of money in a year or meeting a sales target or it could just be able to buy jewelry. However, one word of caution is that you should have  realistic target and also work towards the same. You will get good openings which you can rightly encash upon.  

Who should get this pooja done?

If you are a Businessman who obviously wants a regular inflow of customers everyday.  If you are currently going through anxiety of experiencing highs and lows in business. Be assured you anxiety will be completely eliminated and there will always be a constant and consistent increase in the business turnover and profits. 

If you are a salaried employee, this Pooja will boost your career by enabling timely increments that are rewarding and that you are due to receive. All hard work will be recognized and you will be paid for or adequately rewarded. 

To release stuck up finances, this pooja is beneficial if it is clubbed with Karthaveeryarjuna japa pooja. Click here to read about Karthaveeryarjuna pooja. Through this you can recover money that you are due to receive. 

If you are running an educational institution like schools, colleges, tutions and coaching classes, music classes, dance classes or workshops, this pooja will help you in terms of increase in the enrollment of students. 

If you want to earn an additional source of income through multi-level marketing opportunities (MLM) 

If you have started or are starting a new venture and you want to seek the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. 

What will you receive as Prasadam?

You will receive Haldi, Kumkum, theertha and Sugar candy along with the sankalpam as prasadam. You will also be given a coin which you are required to preserve in your cash box as it is auspicious and will facilitate inflow of money and control expenditure.  Before partaking the prasadam you will have to read the sankalpam and then partake the same. 

From the Editor's Desk 

Preventive or Curative 

People often ask us to give them a permanent solution for financial problems. 

They express, I am fed up of financial crises. Each time, I end up doing one puja or the other for releasing my financial blockages and to invite prosperity. Is there a permanent solution to this scenario of  my life ? Can I just sit and enjoy wealth some day in life ? 

Some say, "just a few days ago I got a Puja done for Kubera and Mahalakshmi, why do I need to do once again? why do I need to worship God so much, so often, etc". 

We always tell them, "You want to see results, you better do it." 

Actually, our scriptures are so powerful and poorna - complete  that they have taken care of every aspect of our life. 

They clearly state Poojas and Pariharas (spiritual solutions to worldly problems) that one should perform to steer clear of problems from time to time. 

Often, people also complain that "I am able to earn well but at the same time, I am not able to retain any money at the end of the day. I end up spending everything that I earn and on some cases, my spendings are more than my earnings". 

Our recommendation to such people is - to conduct poojas and pariharas from time to time.

Just like we eat food 3 times a day, we also need to pray and be devoted to God. Unfortunately, we don't take this into account and only account for the number of times we spend on Pujas and Pariharas. We must understand that we perform so many actions everyday and we would have performed such actions for many lifetimes. Amongst these actions we may have performed several adharmic actions and the fruits of the same crop up every now and then creating problems for us and we feel - oh God, everything was ok in  life, suddenly what happened to my life, how is it that this problem has cropped up ? how do I tackle this situation. Preventive doses of grace through poojas are better than curative as we need not endure such problems at all. 

Always observe festivals with niyama and nishta and invoke those forms of God from time to time for nourishment of your soul, body , material and spiritual well being. Peace be to all. 

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Bilva patra pooja

The Bilva Patra leaves are regarded as the favorite of Lord Shiva. In this pooja 108 names of Lord Shiva chanted with Bilva Patras. It will be done in your name and with your sankalpa, i.e., the specific purpose for which you are getting the pooja performed.


Lord Shiva is the Supreme God of the whole Universe and Sanatan Dharma (Hindu Religion). He is one of the famous trinity of Hinduism; Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha (Shiva). As per the Sanatan Dharma, the trinity, Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, is responsible for the creation, protection and destruction of the world, respectively.

Who is Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva, who is known as the destroyer of the world, is omnipotent and omnipresent. Prima facie, Shiva is responsible for destruction in the universe. But since, ‘all that lives is born to die’, and thus end is an integral part of all beginnings, Shiva is responsible for bringing this universe back to its genesis.

Shiva is symbolic of auspiciousness, as he is the one who destroys evil and casts away sorrows from this world. Hence, it is believed that evils and Shiva can’t exist simultaneously and that where the Lord resides there is no room for negativity and wickedness around him.  

Shiva is depicted as a dark-skinned ascetic with river Ganga cascading out of his matted hair and a serpent coiled around his neck. He carries a trishul (trident) in one hand and has ashes all over his body. He stays at mountain Kailasa with his family (pariwara). His consort Parvati, sons Ganesh and Kartikeya, vehicle Nandi and other Ganas (troops) are included in his pariwara.

Various forms of Lord Shiva

Shiva is said to have eight forms which is known as Ashtamurthi.

Suryo jalam mahi vahnirvayurakashameva cha                                 dikshito brahmanashchandra ityeta ashtamurtayah

These eight forms of Shiva; Sharva, Bhava, Rudra, Ugra, Bhima, Pashupati, Ishana and Mahadeva are said to be the earth, water, fire, wind, sky, yogi, sun and moon respectively.

Basically, Shiva means the one who is auspicious and removes all sorrows. However, the etymology of word Shiva can also be given from root ‘√vash’ which means ‘to light’. Hence, Shiva is the one who glows and makes others glow.

Shiva is also known as Rudra, Mahadeva, Pashupati which were gods of different communities and assembled in the one great personality of Shiva.

Rudra is the proto form of Shiva who was the principal deity of Vedic period. Rudra was prominently known as the destructive god of Vedic society. Puranic Shiva is a developed structure of Vedic Rudra in which so many other minor deities were assimilated.

Pashupati is that form of Rudra whose existence is attributed to Shiva. Pashupati is the Lord of beasts. He received the epithet Nilakanta because his throat became blue due to the consumption of poison which arose from the churning of the Great Ocean.

Following verse mentions various forms of Shiva,

Mrutyunjayaaya rudraaya
neelakantaaya shambhave
amriteshaaya sharvaaya
mahadevaaya te namaha


(I pray to Lord Mahadeva who has conquered death, who is the destroyer of the Universe, who has a blue neck and who gives happiness to all.) 

Worship of Shiva

Lord Shiva is worshipped mainly in two forms. The first form of worshipping is that of a Shivalinga and the other form is Murti (statue) form. The Linga worship of the Lord is most common and believed to be extremely sacred amongst the Hindus.

Shiva is usually worshiped in the form of Shivalinga which is the most popular manifestation of Lord Shiva and is represented by phallus. It is the most important symbol of Shiva.

One account says that, once Shiva was fascinated by seeing a charming woman and started following her. That woman was Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini. As Shiva ran, his semen fell at various places and formed the drops to produce Lingas. This indicates that Linga is the very essence of Shiva’s personality. In Skanda Purana, Linga is said to be the abode of Shiva.

The Shivalinga symbolizes creation and cosmic energy. The worship of Shivalinga represents the union of Shiva and Shakti-Parvati resulting in the creation of the universe. Hence, he is worshipped in Shivalinga form.

What makes Shiva delighted?

Usually Lord Shiva is depicted as extremely ferocious and destructive in nature. However, Shiva is known for his benevolence at the same time. Even the slightest of devotion from the devotees make this god extremely happy.

Shiva Purana mentions the list of the things which make Shiva happy. These are, chanting of Mula mantra and Mahamrutyunjaya mantra; performing Abhishek (spiritual baths to him) by offering Bilva patra leaves (bel leaves), Rudraksha leaves, Dhotara flower and leaves.

Mantras for Chanting

Shiva is pleased by the chanting of   nama: Sivaaya’ (Om Nama Shivaya) which is known as Mula mantra of Shiva. Again, Shiva is also pleased by Mahamrutyunjaya mantra.

Shiva is supposed to be the conqueror of Death as symbolized by the Hindu Lord of Death, Yama Raja. The Mahamrutyunjaya mantra has been taken from the Sukla Yajurveda Samhita III. 60. The mantra is addressed to Lord Shiva and is a centuries old technique of connecting one to pure consciousness and bliss.  

Om Tryambhakam Yajamahe 
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam | 
Urvarukamiva Bandhanat
Mrityormukshiya Maamritat ||

(Om. We worship The Three-Eyed Lord Shiva who is fragrant and who increasingly nourishes the devotees. Worshiping him, may we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality just as the ripe cucumber easily separates itself from the binding stalk.)

Shiva Abhisheka

Shiva is pleased by Abhisheka. The meaning of Abhisheka is Snan or Holy Bath to Lord Shiva. Abhisheka is included in the sixteen steps of worship. Some of the common items used for Shiva Abhisheka are curd, milk, honey, tender Coconut water, vibhuti (holy ash), panchamruta, bananas, sandalwood paste, ghee, and haldi.

Mainly water, milk, panchamruta (combination of five nectars; sugar, curd, honey, milk and ghee), etc. are used regularly for spiritual bath of Shiva. Usually, devotee use milk and water for daily Abhisheka and panchamruta is used during special occasions.

In many temples, one finds a vessel hung over the Linga, called dhaarapaathra, continuously dripping water or water and milk onto the Linga in deference to Shiva’s desire for Abhisheka.

Water which should be used for the spiritual bath of Shiva should preferably be Ganga water. The reason for pouring Ganga water over the Shivalinga is that it represents Ganga’s descending from heaven on to Shiva’s head. If it is not possible to use Ganga water for worshipping, then water of any river is advisable for the worship. 

One should offer pure milk for the Abhisheka of Shiva. Cow’s milk is considered very pure and is mainly offered to him. Cow’s milk should be offered to Shiva by reciting the following verse,

Madhuram gopayah punyam pataputam purskrutam               

snanartham devadevesha gruhana parameshwara


Mainly milk and milk products are offered for the Shiva Abhisheka because all these products are cool in nature. All soothing objects are offered to him to keep him cool. White color is very dear to Shiva hence white objects, like all milk products, are offered to Lord Shiva.  

Milk, curd or panchamruta should never be poured in utensil made of bronze, as this is equal to wine. Fingers should not be put in water, milk and ghee, etc because the touching of nails makes these things inauspicious.

Bilva Patra offerings to Shiva

Another offering which is specially suggested for Shiva is Bilva patra, leaf of Bilva. Bilva is very auspicious tree which is mentioned inAtharvaveda, Iatareya Brahman and Shatapatha Brahman.

It is believed that the Bilva tree was created by Lord Brahma. However, the tree originated from the right hand of Lakshmi due to her long penance.

There is a legend which talks about the origin of this tree. Lakshmi used to offer 1000 lotuses to Lord Shiva on every puja. Once, two lotuses went missing from those thousand ones. At the time of worship when Lakshmi became extremely worried, Lord Vishnu said that Lakshmi’s two breasts are as pious and auspicious as lotus and that she can offer those to Shiva. Then she cut off her breasts and offered them to Shiva. Shiva was pleased by her devotion and blessed her that, now onwards her breasts will be there on the Bilva tree as fruits.  

The triangular leaves or 3 leaflets of the Bilva tree are offered to Shiva as they are very dear to him. Bilva tree is considered as the form of Shiva. It is also said that the worship of Shiva which is done without offering Bilva leaf is fruitless.  

Bilva Patra Slokas

Mulatobhavarupaya madhyato mrudurupine

agratah shivarupaya patrairvedasvarupine 

skandhe vedantarupaya tarurajaya te namah


(O Bilva tree, in the root you are the Bhava form of Shiva, very soft and kind in the middle, at starting point you are like Shiva. Your dala which has three leaves are like three Vedas and your branches are like Upanishads. O king of trees we salute you.)

Sarvakamapradam bilvam daridryasya pranashanam                               bilvatpatram nasti yena tushyati shankara

(Bilva tree fulfils the wishes and removes poverty. No other object pleases Shiva or makes him happier other than Bilva.)

Bilva leaf should be offered by reciting following verse,

Bilvapatram suvarnena trishulakarameva cha                                     

mayarpitam mahadeva bilvapatram gruhana me     

trijanma trigunakara trinetram cha triyayudham                

tridalam papasamharam bilvapatrashivarpanam


Tridalam Trigunakaaram Trinethram Cha Triyayudham,

Trijanma Papa Samharam Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [1]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

Which has three leaves,

Which causes three qualities,

Which are like the three eyes of Shiva,

Which is like the triad of weapons,

And which destroys sins of three births.


Trishakhai Bilwapathraischa Hyachidrai Komalai Shubai,

Shiva Poojam Karishyami, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [2]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

Which has three shoots,

Which do not have holes,

Which are good and pretty,

And worship Lord Shiva.


Aganda Bilwa Pathrena Poojithe Nandikeshware,

Shudhyanthi Sarva Papebhyo, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [3]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

For if an uncut leaf is offered,

To his steed the god Nandi,

We get cleaned of all our sins.

Salagrama Shilamekaam Vipranam Jatha Cha Arpayeth,

Soma Yagna Maha Punyam, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [4]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

For it is equal to, offering a saligrama to a Brahmin,

Or the great blessing got out of performing Soma Yaga,


Dandi Koti Sahasrani Vajapeya Sathani Cha,

Koti Kanya Maha Danam, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [5]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

For it is equal to gifting thousand elephants,

Or the performing of hundred fire sacrifices,

Or giving away billions of girls.


Lakshmyasthanutha Uthpannam Mahadevasya Cha Priyam,

Bilwa Vruksham Prayachami, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [6]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

For it is equal to giving a tree of Bilwa,

Which was born from the breast of Lakshmi,

And which is very dear to the Lord Shiva. 


Darshanam Bilwa Vrukshasya, Sparsanam Papa Nasanam,

Aghora Papa Samharam, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [7]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

As seeing and touching of a tree of Bilwa,

Washes away ones sins and also very great sins.


Kasi Kshethra Nivasam Cha Kala Bhairava Darshanam,

Prayaga Madhavam Drushtwa, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [8]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

After living in the city of Kasi,

Seeing the Kala Bhairawa,

And also visiting the temple

Of Madhawa in Allahabad.


Moolatho Brahma Roopaya, Madhyatho Vishnu Roopine

Agratha Shiva Roopaya, Eka Bilwam Shivarpanam [9]


Meaning: I offer one leaf of Bilwa to Lord Shiva,

As Brahma resides at its bottom,

Lord Vishnu lives in its middle,

And Lord Shiva lives in its tip. 


Bilwashtakam Idham Punyaam, Padeth Shiva Sannidhou,

Sarva Papa Nirmuktha Shiva Loka Maapnuyath [10]


Meaning: Reading this holy octet of Bilwa,

In the presence of Lord Shiva,

Would save one from all sins,

And in the end take him to the world of Shiva.


Suta then described about the important of Naivedya offered to Lord Shiva.

"A devotee gets liberated from all of his sins merely at the sight of the Naivedya, which have been offered to lord Shiva. He attains great virtues by having the Prasada."

A man must not accept the Prasada if the worship have been done under supervision of a 'Chandala', but some of the Shivalingas like Banlinga, Siddhalinga and Swayambhu Linga are exceptions to this rule. The prasada which has been offered to the Shivalinga and remains lying on it, is prohibited from having, but the prasad which is not touching the Shivalinga should be accepted.

Bilva fruit is considered to be a form of lord Shiva Its greatness has been eulogized even by the deities himself. It is believed that all the places of pilgrimages, dwell in the Bilva-leaf. Lord Shiva is believed to have his abode in the roots of the Bilva tree. A devotee who waters the roots of the Bilva tree attains greater virtues than offering water to the deities of all the places of pilgrimages. Similarly a devotee who worships the roots of the Bilva tree attains to the abode of lord Shiva.

Suta then goes on he explain the greatness of Shiva's name and the importance of Bhasma (ash) and rudraksha beads in his worship. The name of Shiva is as sacred as Ganges. Similarly 'Bhasma' and 'Rudraksha' are as holy as the rivers Yamuna and Saraswati. Therefore a devotee who possesses the name of lord Shiva on his lips, who applies Bhasma on his person and who wears a rudraksha in his neck attain the virtues similar to that of taking a bath in the sangam. In ancient times, a king by the name of Indrayumna got liberated from the bondages of the world, just by chanting the name of Shiva.


Rohit Maladi | 


I got it done continuously for 5 mondays and 5 fridays. This is extremely beneficial. It gives me peace of mind and stability in thinking. I love shiva and he loves bilva patra puja.


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