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Pooja for your birthday


As you are aware the nine planets define our life patterns. They reflect our past, present and future. At th esame time the Divine Mother Adi Para Shakti is the supreme mother under who's direction and will the entire creation moves. Therefore Manthra associates believes in invoking the grace of the divine mother on your birthday followed by propitiating the planets and invoking their blessings. This is truly a  divine way of celebrating your birthday. 

Manthra associates offers services of Navagraha Nama Archana where in your name and star, we will book archana puja for all the 9 planets in their respective parihara temples in Tamil Nadu. 

We will also send you the Kumkum and Vibhuti Prasad of the planetary deity after the prayers are being performed for your well- being  on your birthday itself. 

We will make the resolution and prayer that the planets always remain benefic and not malefic towards you so that you only grow, expand and remain blissful  in life always. 

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