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Pooja for Hypertension - Blood Pressure problems


Different forms of divinity and planetary positions control and impact specific organs in the body. The planets Kuja, Ravi and Shani control our Blood pressure. Mantra Associates will perform pujas in your name, star and gotra to bring down the malefic effects of these planetary positions. These pujas performed in a specific vedic tradition cure blood pressure/ hypertension and reduce anxiety, anger and bring peace, calmness and mental relaxation. These pujas to cure Blood pressure yield assured results as they are performed in ancient Navagraha temples by learned priests with definite authority with specific sankalpa. This Puja will be performed in the respective navagraha temples on the day of your star every month for a period of one year (12 months). 

This Puja is ideal for those who are borderline BP cases as well as those want to avoid severe fluctuations in their BP readings. 

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