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Shatru Samhara Homa


This havan is performed for those, who planetary positions indicate that they do have high degree of shatru badha. When they are surrounded by enemies and are not able to identify who is a well wisher and who is taking advantage of them. 

People who want to dis-entangle themselves from the negative and tantric influences caused by others particularly Vashikaran, Vidweshan also find this Pooja to be extremely effective. All black magic attacks can be prevented and if you are already attacked by black magic, this homa or havan can release you from its negative effects.  

Goddess Bhadrakali is the presiding deity for this havan. The havan will be performed by an experienced tantric priest from Kerala( i.e. in the Parashurama kshetra). This Pooja will only bless the karta by freeing him from his enemies. It does not cause any negative influence or side effects to anyone. 


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